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Fashionable Home Decor

We all notice a beautiful home when we see one, and it's amazing when that home is our own!  At Lollipops and Ladles we aim to design fashionable and functional decor for the home that is unique and personalized to your specific taste in design.  Some like it bold and colorful while others prefer subtle and soft colors.  We may even marry the two to create a design that provides a beautiful pop of color in any home.

The customized coasters we offer are a favorite and there are endless possibilities for designing your own original set.  The single letter monogram immediately grasps the attention of all who enter your home and it feels good to entertain in style!
Our beautiful monogrammed wall hangings are perfect for a nursery to welcome the little bambino or it can be designed as an art piece to adorn your home.  The possibilities are endless!